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Church, God, and You

If You Are Having Doubts About Your Faith, Life Talks Can Help Put Things In Perspective
Faith is one of the most powerful and satisfying aspects of life. And it can be incredibly confusing for many reasons and impact us in different ways. Perhaps you used to go to church but don’t have much interest in going now. Maybe you aren’t sure if you believe in God any longer. Perhaps you’ve seen too many unappealing things and unappealing people that make you question the nature of church and faith. You may have questions that have gone unanswered and have found that getting together with a friend or two and talking about God and other issues about faith is more inspiring and helpful than going to church. Do you sometimes think, “If God is so good, why is there so much hurt in the world?”

Having been a student of philosophy and the Bible for thirty years, including re-writing the New Testament in my own words, I can help you address the questions you have and find answers that work for you.

Email or call me to help you get through this difficult time. Relating to our own faith is a deep, personal journey, and solutions are available.