Below are answers to some of the questions I am commonly asked:

• Are you available for weekend sessions and conversations?
Absolutely! Group meetings are always planned in advance, but some life talks can happen
over the weekend, and sometimes spur-of-the-moment if the need arises. Some sessions,
whether individual or group, can be scheduled for weekends.

• Can I call you on an emergency basis if I am having a tough time of things?
Yes. Sometimes life bears down on us and we need to talk. I try to pick up whenever you
call, but shoot me a text first and we will go from there.

• How do you keep track of the time we talk?
I keep a simple ledger documenting the time we’ve spoken.

• What forms of payment do you accept?
Paypal and credit card.

• Do you accept insurance?
Unfortunately not, since insurance doesn’t cover Life Talks.

• What are some ways in which life coaching and life talking differ from therapy and counseling?
Therapy and counseling are legal terms that have legal requirements in order to practice, which sets certain things in motion. They are frequently dedicated to addressing a specific issue/problem you are having, and not uncommonly delve into your past to figure out how you got where you are today. There are different approaches therapists lean toward, such as cognitive or behavioral, for instance, to address the issues you are having, whereas my approach is simply to talk with you about the myriad things that are confusing, bothering, and hurting you are able to think more clearly and feel better. This will enable you to make better choices based on what you value, so is based on a broad range of contemporary issues in your life, whereas therapy and counseling frequently address more limited issues and delve very deeply into them to uncover their source. Depending on the type of problem you are having and if you have insurance, you may be “classified” by your therapist in order for him or her to receive payment from your insurance company, and that classification sticks with you due to the nature of cyberspace and digital-data record keeping. Just as with medical procedures, insurance companies dictate how much treatment you are permitted based on your diagnosis or classification and the type of coverage your insurance policy permits you. Some therapists have ceased taking insurance from many (or all) insurance companies due to the limitations that classifying their patients place on their ability to work with them. Life coaching doesn’t carry these requirements, and is thus free from classifications and submitting your classification to an outside insurance company. Sessions with therapists and counselors are protected by client privilege, so your therapist isn’t required to testify against you in a court of law, if it ever came down to that. Life coaching isn’t protected by the same privilege.

• Do you share what we talk about with anyone?
No. Our conversations are private.