Special Section

Life In The Dance Studio

This special section is a big plus, given my background as a dance studio owner for 20 years. Having been on the customer relations and business side, and not a trained dancer, I understand many of the questions parents and studio owners have about the trajectory of their children’s training and their studio. Dance can bring some of the highest highs and lowest lows, and making sense of it, especially as a parent who perhaps never trained before, can be frustrating. If dance is a big part of your life, I can give you perspective about the way things work from the inside, which is not always obvious to parents, teachers, and sometimes not even to directors.

Email or call me if you would like to set up some Life Talks to discuss whatever the challenges you are facing. I can put things in perspective for you so you are more at peace with your involvement in the world of dance and where you are going with it.