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Life Is Confusing And You Want A Greater Sense Of Purpose

Can You Relate?
You have so many questions about things, with some of the questions being: Why is life so hard? What happened to my life? Is there a bigger purpose to my life? You also sense that you’re getting older, and the things that kept you busy for years—your marriage, raising your children, your job, your faith—they don’t require as much time because the kids are older, and you want to know what to do with the rest of your life. And it sometimes scares you that you may not find a new purpose. Your family and friends have known you a certain way for years, but something inside you needs to change and you want your family and friends to be supportive of you rather than discouraging. As for your faith, you have some expectations of God, but he doesn’t always seem to be there. The confusion is too much sometimes and you might be wondering how much of it is your fault. There are questions you need answered and aren’t sure about what questions to ask at this point.

Because so much about life is learned by living it, our experiences challenge some of what we have believed about life, and that produces questions. As we get older we want to be more sure of what our purpose is and what everything means, and these questions frequently creep in the more of life we live.

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