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Having Someone To Talk With During Marriage’s Difficult Times Can Help A Lot

Divorce is one of the most difficult experiences in life, and even though there is rarely a way around the pain it involves, talking with someone can help you understand what you are dealing with. Whether your spouse left you or you were the one who left, or it was mutual, the emotional challenges are relentless for quite a while. Having someone help you through the confusion and hurt is vital at a time like this.

If you are married but you want to like being married more than you do, and you aren’t sure if it is you, your spouse, marriage itself, that you are getting older, or something else that is causing the discontement. Or perhaps you know the source of your dissatisfaction. You don’t always want to blame your spouse, but you find yourself seeing your spouse as the common denominator and you don’t know what to do about it. Sometimes your mind wanders and you contemplate leaving and you don’t like those thoughts.

If you aren’t sure what to do or how to think about your marriage, Life Talks are a wonderful start for you to understand the bigger picture and get a handle on a plan of action for your marriage.

Email or call me to help you get through this difficult time. Relief and hope are available.