You Are Ready For Life Talks If....

So Many Things Are Bothering You

Can You Relate?
Things seemed great for a while, but somewhere along the line you started to become unhappy with things you used to enjoy. You have kids, a spouse, a house and other things that used to be enough to make you happy, but the way you feel about things is confusing you. You thought this would be a phase and the problems would work themselves out, but they haven’t. Sometimes it scares you that you feel this way because you don’t know what it might lead to. You don’t know if you are being unreasonable and you need to change the way you feel about things, or if it’s something else.

You are ready for Life Talks if this is how your life has been going. You aren’t alone, and talking with someone will help you understand your expectations and how they are shaping your interactions with people.

Email or call me to set up some Life Talks so you can clarify your thoughts about your life. Hope and clarity are a conversation away.