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Your Marriage Has Fallen Apart

Can You Relate?
A broken marriage and divorce are among the most painful things a person can experience. It not only produces constant heartache but is so confusing, so disorienting. It is virtually impossible to get through without having someone to talk with. So many tears are shed even among the toughest people, and your mind and heart rarely get a break through it all. Whether you initiated the divorce or your spouse did, it frequently leaves your soul laid bare, at least for a while, and getting back on solid ground can be a hard-fought process.

I have helped people get through a divorce, and have gone through one myself, and understand the agony and deep confusion it involves. I can help you understand what it is you’re feeling and how to get through it with your heart and mind intact. There are harmful ways of going about a divorce, and there are productive ways of going about it, and I can help you discern between the two so you come out of it healthier. Divorce is a very confusing process on so many levels, and I am here to help you make better sense of things.

Help is just a phone call or email away.